….time for a change

Hi there! Well it’s been way too long between posts, but I’ve found life is just insane ATM…..don’t think it’s gonna change anytime soon – with 3 teenage boys!! 🙂 I know life is busy for us all, how u coping?
I’m trying to make things easier and hopefully this new blog will help kick off my blog-mojo!

Anyway, this year I’m continuing monthly classes at my LSS (Stamp Craft) with the great girls there and I’ve been privilaged to be asked to continue on the CT for 123 challenge. Pop on over to see what the girls have done for this month (amazing I must say)… There’s some great prizes so why don’t you have a go…..you know what they say – you never know unless you have a go!!!


I’m not too great at revealing too much about what’s going on in our lives, well I suppose, being time poor, I just share my creative side here & get on with life …..offline 😉
BUT I will report my biggest young man just got his P’s last week, so I am breathing a huge sigh of relief….some of the taxi driving pressure off my shoulders! Yay, so proud of u babe!!!

I’ve also got some fun secret-squirrel stuff coming up soon……so stay tuned 😉

Catch ya
GB x


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